RiveScript is a simple scripting language for chatbots with a friendly, easy to learn syntax.
Create your own chatbot in Go, Java, JavaScript, Perl or Python.

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RiveScript exposes a simple plain text scripting language that's easy to learn and begin writing in quickly. No need to mess with complicated opaque XML structures or random symbols and line noise like with some other chatbot languages!


RiveScript has a handful of simple rules that can be combined in powerful ways to build an impressive chatbot personality. Write triggers in a simplified regular expression format to match complex sets of word patterns in one go.


RiveScript takes a "Unix-like" approach to its development: the core library is small and self-contained and it does one thing very well—takes human input and gives an intelligent response. This flexibility enables RiveScript to be used how you need it to.

Open Source

Released under the most liberal open source license available, MIT. Interfaces are available for Go, Java, JavaScript, Perl and Python. Learn more.

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