Use RiveScript

Want to download and use RiveScript? Great! What you'll want to download depends on what you wish to do with RiveScript.

I want to run my own bot

Wouldn't call yourself a software developer? Just wanna run your own chatbot and get something up and running on AOL Instant Messenger or Google Hangouts/Facebook Messenger (XMPP)?

Check out some cool projects that integrate RiveScript into a more complete chatbot application with bells and whistles built in.

Download a RiveScript-compatible Chatbot

I want to program my own bot

Are you a software developer who wants to build their own chatbot program that uses RiveScript to power its personality? Are you using Go, Java, JavaScript, Perl or Python?

Download a RiveScript library for your programming language and hack away. You can intergrate it into your program in no time at all!

Download a RiveScript Interpreter Library

I want to try RiveScript

Just want to give RiveScript a try as soon as possible without downloading anything first?

Test Drive RiveScript Online

I want (text editor) plugins

Syntax highlighting plugins are available for some popular text editors including Atom and SublimeText.

Check out RiveScript Plugins

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